The first reactions we often get when brokers and carriers see ThreeFlow for the first time are, "I can't believe this exists" or "I can't believe this can do what you're saying it does." After hearing a number of clients transition from "too good to be true" to "this has been good for our business,'' we decided it was time to share some of the inspiring stories from our clients and partners.

These case studies are more than a way to shout our value propositions from the rooftops (although we're happy to do that too.) We're proud to share real stories from our partners, in their own words, to show other brokers and carriers that a new and better future is possible. 

Smart people, working smarter

In the employee benefits industry, too much time is spent on the administrative work required to make systems function. The results are that really smart, skilled, and strategic people spend endless hours on tasks that aren't the best use of their time.

In the last few months, we've heard stories from brokers and carriers who are now leaning into the parts of their role that are engaging. Because of ThreeFlow, they've told us that they now have the time and capacity to focus on the strategy of benefits placement instead of administrative details. 

Take, for example, OneAmerica, who told us they could continue providing the consultative services they're known for while working more efficiently with their broker partners.

Or American Fidelity, who are using ThreeFlow's reporting to empower themselves to have better discussions with brokers and find new opportunities and markets.

When these small changes happen, employer clients get better outcomes, which means a better outcome for the employees. 

Change is happening

We're sharing an honest view of what to expect when change happens. ThreeFlow is changing an industry, and we do that with innovative technology coupled with the willingness of modern brokers and carriers to change. Though change is never easy, we’re helping these progressive brokers and carriers navigate the path to the beautiful future that exists on the other side of that curve.

When you know what to expect, change is easier to manage and go through. We hope these stories inspire you to make the change.

Read the inspiring stories from our clients and partners.


About Debra Senra

Debra Senra is the Vice President of Sales and Client Experience at ThreeFlow. She has over a decade of experience in various leadership and revenue-focused roles. When she’s not working, she loves cooking Italian food and running slowly.