How OneAmerica is building better relationships with brokers

Indianapolis, IN
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500+ lives
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A national provider of insurance and financial services for more than 140 years, OneAmerica helps customers build and protect their financial futures. They offer a variety of products and services to serve the financial needs of its policyholders and customers, including retirement plan products and recordkeeping services, individual life insurance, annuities, asset-based long-term care solutions, and employee benefit plan products. We talked with their sales team to understand how they are using ThreeFlow to approach the RFP process differently and build better relationships with their broker partners.

Why ThreeFlow?

Many solutions on the market take an eBay-style bidding approach—which we have found to be less successful in the long term. We're not about quoting the lowest rate every time.  We're about service and relationships. So, we went into our first meeting with ThreeFlow with that mindset.

Right away, we saw that ThreeFlow was different. We loved that we'd be able to continue building the relationship with brokers through messaging and benefit call-outs. Not only that, but the system captures all communication and keeps it in one centralized location. There aren't multiple emails that you have to remember to download and save. Having ThreeFlow as the source of truth, from proposal to implementation, was a huge selling point.

We can continue providing the consultative services we're known for while working more efficiently with our broker partners."

Did you consider other solutions?

As carriers, we often don't have a choice in the platforms we use. Unfortunately, we've found that many are pay-to-play and make it feel like a race to zero. ThreeFlow is very different in that it is a total RFP procurement system. This allows for the broker’s staff to be able to access one file enabling them to gain fully the history of an account.

Another way that ThreeFlow is different is that its approach to the benefits placement process provides value to both the broker and carrier.

What were the outcomes you were hoping to achieve?

We didn't have many expectations going in. Initially, we just wanted access to our brokers in the Indianapolis market who were already using ThreeFlow.

But we've been pleasantly surprised by the outcomes. As we're smaller than many of our competitors, we need to focus on relationships as our differentiator. ThreeFlow facilitates that by allowing us to keep a group’s complete history in one place. That information is beneficial at renewal time. We can create more accountability and ensure that renewal data is entered into the system. That allows us to have better conversations with our brokers and provide the consultative services we're known for.

What are some of the most significant benefits you and your team have experienced since working on ThreeFlow?

We're excited about the data and insights that ThreeFlow provides. We can see how we're performing against competitors, where our market is located, how often brokers are going to market, and where we're missing out on opportunities. This allows us to make more intelligent business decisions.

Beyond that, we appreciate the dedication from the ThreeFlow team to help our team get up and running. Our account manager has ensured that we're trained and our data is up-to-date.

What would be your advice to brokers considering changing their current process?

If you're wanting all of your data clean, up-to-date, and in one centralized location, then ThreeFlow is an excellent solution.

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