Compete better with technology

Deliver fast and consistent quotes, highlight value props, plan timely conversations, and access data to improve outcomes.

Simply put, RFPs are clear and concise with each agency using the same format allowing carrier reps to quickly understand and respond with an accurate, timely proposal up front limiting the number of re-rates and back and forth due to misunderstandings.”

Ryan Carr

Senior Regional Account Executive

The Hartford

Unlock a new benefits placement experience with ThreeFlow

Gain control

Highlight value props, provide in-line commentary, and ensure brokers can easily identify your differentiators.

Empower communication

Leverage real-time notifications of broker engagement and a historical digital trail of comments and edits.

Drive consistent workflows

Receive organized and complete RFPs, allowing you to set up cases and submit quotes faster.

Compete smarter

Access exclusive data and actionable insights for territory planning and competitive analysis.

How ThreeFlow supports benefits placement beyond RFPs and renewals

Renewal management

Complete new business RFPs

Digital analysis and negotiation

Automated benefits placement

Real-time, in-app data

Renewal management

Align renewal conversations to existing workflows and preferred timelines by emailing your renewals to brokers via ThreeFlow.

Complete new business RFPs

Receive consistent RFPs from brokers, helping you offer your best quote sooner.

Digital analysis and negotiation

Stay ahead of competition, update client quotes instantly, and convey value beyond what fits in a spreadsheet cell.

Automated benefits placement

Instantly respond and receive new business RFPs, quote more business, and avoid claim discrepancies.

Real-time, in-app data

Use invitation and close ratios to learn where to grow product blocks within your brokerage markets with ThreeFlow Insights.

Supporting your organization at every level

Dedicated teams that offer user support, education, and strategic insights to your regional leaders and executive teams.