With the busy season behind us and most implementation issues addressed, it’s time to talk annual benefits strategy. 

Annual client benefits strategy meetings allow brokers to reflect on decisions and data from the last year and prepare an even more successful strategy for the upcoming plan year. With so many things worth highlighting in those meetings, we wanted to share our top three tips. As former brokers, we know what it takes to set brokers up for success.

Take credit.

The amount of work that went into RFPs, renewals, open enrollments, and implementations can often get overlooked in hindsight. After all, it was a busy time of year! Remind your client of:

  • the context of the strategy you helped set for them (annual vs. multi-year), 
  • what you and your team accomplished in the last six months, and
  • how that work led to a successful enrollment season.

ThreeFlow user tip: To help guide your conversation, download an export that shows which carriers were approached, rate negotiations, and final changes in annual premiums.

Provide actionable insights.

Do a deep dive into how specific lines of coverage are set up today and whether or not they’re addressing your client’s goals. As you review, address these questions:

  • Are they offering the right benefits for their population? 
  • Should they consider multiple plans to help enrollment efforts? 
  • Are there any potential coverage gaps or opportunities that could increase the perceived value of the employee health plans? 

ThreeFlow user tip: Take advantage of our streamlined workflows to request plan alternates from carriers participating in an RFP, and work with our team to get an unbiased underwriting consultation on your client’s plan setup and review how to best help your client.

Give yourself time to prepare.

Sifting through spreadsheets, presentations, and emails to figure out what to highlight always takes longer than you think. Give yourself enough time to track down the details you need, especially if you review the results of a full marketing event. 

ThreeFlow user tip: Quickly download exports in you branding to speed up client presentation preparation and download any supporting materials sent by participating carriers to help add more context to client reviews.

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