More and more companies are starting to share their back-to-office plans, but it’s still very much a virtual world when it comes to prospecting new clients. While initially daunting, it can provide greater opportunity for shorter, more frequent interactions. When you look at it through this lens, it's amazing how many opportunities are hiding in plain sight. Here’s our advice on how to successfully prospect virtually.

Be intentional.

  • Whether you’re using a calendar or prefer a more sophisticated project management tool, go into each day with a plan. We like to block off time for focused work, including networking. Setting this time aside, especially on your calendar, helps avoid any distractions.
  • Partner with your marketing team to ensure campaigns and other efforts are well-timed and set to attract the right audience. With the right approach, you’re able to focus more of your time and energy on opportunities that can bring value.
  • Research and build relationships with other sales reps in non-competing industries who work in the same territory. For example, as a carrier sales rep, you can work with a local benefits administrator or HRIS sales rep to prospect. Not only can you share lessons learned, but they could also introduce you to prospects.

Get comfortable being on camera.

  • While we'll eventually be back to some form of in-person meetings, virtual meetings are here to stay. This can be a good thing—more efficient conversations, higher frequency interactions, etc. When we’re not on a video conference call, we’re often recording a quick recap of a meeting or just sending a quick hello.
  • Embrace becoming a more effective communicator on camera. Consider hiding your camera view when you’re presenting. This helps avoid the distraction of looking at yourself while trying to hold the attention of others on camera.

Actively listen, no matter what the medium.

  • Active listening is a key skill that's easier said than done, especially for most salespeople. Ask questions to learn more about someone's interests and/or needs, and don't fall into the easy trap of matching what they say to your own experiences. Turn off notifications on your phone and laptop to help you focus your attention.
  • Active listening also applies to virtual networking. To better engage with your prospects, post content on social media that’s relevant to their needs and interests.

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