A shared system for modern benefit brokers and carriers

ThreeFlow is the Benefits Placement System that brokers and carriers trust to maintain their relationships, enhance collaborative efforts, and help employers make the best benefit decisions.

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What makes an effective Benefits Placement System?

We built the first Benefits Placement System (BPS), enterprise software that enables meaningful collaboration between benefits brokers and insurance carriers when writing business together. To be effective, a BPS must have three core features:


Is purpose-built for the benefits industry

Is purpose-built for the benefits industry

Accounts for the nuanced workflows and relationships across brokers, carriers, and the client.


Supports the entire placement process

Supports the entire placement process

Addresses end-to-end needs for renewals and new business: from data collection to underwriting review and client presentation to implementation.


Serves as a true shared system

Serves as a true shared system

Provides real-time, shared visibility and enables brokers and carriers to deliver the best possible outcomes for mutual clients.

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“A partnership with ThreeFlow makes perfect sense. Their platform will allow us to build new and better relationships with brokers, so that even more people can access easy, smart, and preventive dental benefits."

Digital Distribution Team



 “I love how we now have better version control. Before it was easy to lose sight of which was the latest version or the one that sold.”

Lacey Robinson, Managing Director, Employee Benefits


Gregory & Appel

“We tend to have very complicated RFPs. ThreeFlow’s Client Experience and Underwriting Consulting teams work closely with us to prepare marketing events. I was surprised by how easy it could be.”

Tami Gray-Myers, Vice President & Service Manager, Employee Benefits


Gregory & Appel

One shared system

For brokers

Create an operational advantage with unique data and predictable, repeatable renewal and go-to-market workflows. 

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For carriers

Identify opportunities, access market insights, and collaborate with brokers to relay value propositions to employers. 

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