From underwriters to game designers and food enthusiasts, our Meet the Team series highlights the great people who make up ThreeFlow.

Name: Annie Henaghan

Role: Manager, Client Experience

Home office: Wood Dale, IL 

What were you up to before ThreeFlow? 

I've spent the last decade learning and growing in the employee benefits industry. Each phase of my career has taught me important lessons, but one thing remained the same; my passion for helping people. 

Before ThreeFlow, I was an account manager at a broker. I worked with clients and their employees to obtain appropriate and affordable benefits, understand how their benefits work, and advocate if a claim issue surfaced. It was extremely rewarding and helped me see how desperately our industry needed technology to help make our hectic days less chaotic.

Why did you make the move? 

A former coworker made the move to ThreeFlow. Once I heard what was being built, I wanted to be a part of changing the industry.

I took a risk by coming to a start-up with ten people, knowing that I believed in the vision, and because of that risk, I have progressed personally and professionally. I now get to manage and coach a team of amazing people who work together to ensure the success of our users and strive to make the experience as joyful as possible. It was the best career decision I've made!

How would you explain what you do to a third grader? 

My job is to help people understand how to use technology to make a crazy part of their job more organized and efficient.

What's your favorite thing about your job? 

My favorite part of my job is working with such intelligent people from around the country. I would have likely never crossed paths with many of these people, but ThreeFlow has brought us together and created the most amazing culture.  

What do you like to do for fun? 

I enjoy spending time with my kids, going to dinner with friends, and listening to podcasts.

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