Easier. Quicker. Better.

We enable easy communication through (dare we say) an enjoyable process in service of employers who want to make better benefits decisions on behalf of their employees.

A new approach to productivity

Without meaningful collaboration, brokers and carriers are stuck in an endless back and forth over emails and spreadsheets, with little time to talk strategy.

We’re the shared solution that helps them be more efficient, effective, and ultimately productive.

Visual graphic showing the communication and workflow between brokers, carriers, and clients.

Supporting the entire placement process

Whether a renewal or new business, ThreeFlow addresses end-to-end needs: from data collection to underwriting review and client presentation to implementation.

The first Benefits Placement System

ThreeFlow is a new category of enterprise software that allows brokers and carriers to manage renewals and new business in one shared system. We account for the nuanced workflows and dynamic relationships across brokers, carriers, third-parties, and clients, and provide shared visibility to enable brokers and carriers to deliver the best possible outcomes for their mutual clients.


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